Karda: Adalta Vol. I

Illustrated and revised edition coming in 2018

Karda is a finalist in Chanticleer 2014 Cygnus Awards recognizing emerging new talent in the genre of Sci/Fi and Fantasy fiction.

With the near collapse of Earth’s systems, a flurry of Ark Ships leave the planet to establish colonies through the universe. In the confusion, a handful of these ships disappear. The colony landing on Adalta is one of those.

Five hundred years later, Marta Rowan is assigned to introduce hi-tech products to this tech-resistant world. No one can know who she is or why she's there. 

Adalta is not like any planet she has ever been to. Never before has she felt the consciousness of the creatures, the plants, even the planet itself. She feels the hunger of the hawk diving toward the rabbit. She feels the terror of the rabbit as sharp talons pierce his body. She feels the warmth of the sun on the skin of a snake coiled on a rock.

Then Marta is chosen by a hawk-headed flying Karda and begins to hear words in her head. Her Karda, Sidhari, speaks to her telepathically.

All her life her training has been "Don't get attached. Don't get attached." Because when her job ends she must leave. Leave the handsome Alton she's falling in love with. Leave Sidhari. Leave Adalta.

When she discovers a plot by her boss on the spaceship to smuggle forbidden technical weapons to a blood, sex and death magician and strip the planet of its resources, she is forced to make a choice.

Includes an excerpt of Hunter: Adalta Vol. II. featuring a new strong female protagonist, Tessa Me'Cowyn and the formerly not-so-ethical Galen Danvyl from Karda. Coming in 2018.

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Hunter: Adalta Vol. II 

Work in progress


Coming in 2018, with illustrations by Kurt Nilson. Cover is a work in progress. Do you like it?

The Circles of Disorder are spreading tendrils across Restal and Tessa Me’Cowyn must learn to fight the creatures they spawn. She is the Austringer—one who hunts with hawks. Born with powerful Talent in all three elements, she is blocked at age seven when she fails to heal her dying mother. She thinks her destiny is to be a Healer, but now she must become a killer.

Galen Danvyl, a covert agent from the trade ship secretly orbiting Adalta, is the handsome, arrogant, privileged son of a powerful father. A father he has never been able to please. Burn-scarred and bitter after his attempt to smuggle hi-tech weapons to this low-tech planet, he is forced to reassess his life. Confused by strange new abilities that seem like magic he doesn't believe in, Galen is assaulted by a new visceral feeling of responsibility toward Adalta. He’s never felt responsible for anything before.

Together Galen and Tessa fight the minions of the newly awakened Itza Larrak, the half-flesh, half-metal alien responsible for the Circles of Disorder which threaten all life on Adalta.

Falling: Adalta, Vol. III

In the ideas-still-circling-around-in my-head stage


This isn't the cover of Falling. Kurt is working on that. This is an urbat. I hope you never see one! Falling is coming in late 2018, god willing and the creek don't rise.

Krager isn't the male protagonist in Falling, Daryl Me'Vere is, but I really like this (possible) scene: 

Armsmaster Krager wiped his forehead with the back of his arm. “You’ll need to work on that, Waltr. Your right side is open half the time. I’d have had you dead half a dozen times. I want you sparring with someone every day for three hours.” He watched the young Waltr walked across the dusty practice arena toward the armory to shed his gear and shook his head.

“Hoy, Kendra,” Krager called to the woman who crossed toward him a tiny blond girl trailing behind her. “I was sorry to hear about your broken arm.”

Kendra laughed. “Unlucky falls can happen to the best of us. Especially when the best of us fall to an unfortunate clumsy moment. I’ve brought you a new student. This is Dalys. Dalys, meet Armsmaster Krager.”

The tall, muscular Armsmaster bent down to put the girl at ease. He knew he intimitated the children who first came to his Arms Salon.“Hello, little one. Merenya will be glad to have you in her beginners class. A pretty young girl like you will have the boys paying a lot more attention.”

A whirlwind of dust flew up around him, grit pelting him, stinging his face and bare arms, sand sliding under his collar. He coughed, slapping his hands over his eyes.

“Dalys!” shouted Kendra. “That’s enough!”

The wind subsided, and Krager, hands on his knees, still coughing, choked out, “What was that?” He looked up into a pair of fire-filled eyes surrounded by a nimbus of flying gold hair in the prettiest face he had ever seen.

“Dalys is our newest Mi’hiru,” said Kendra. “I thought I would introduce you. She’ll be working out up here with you and the other Mi'hiru while I’m out of commission.”

“Huh?” Krager couldn’t look away from the tiny figure who stood, hands on hips, glaring up at him.

“Obviously she isn’t a child.”

“Uh.” Krager straightened up and looked down at the figure that just topped the middle of his chest. “Uh, I guess not.”

“She has a little Air Talent. And a bit of a temper.” Kendra's mouth twitched and trembled, trying not to show how much she enjoyed Krager’s discomfort.

“I’m sorry, Mi’hiru Dalys.” His words stumbled out. “I am pleased to meet you. I’ll be happy to work with you whenever you wish.”

Kendra raised her eyebrows. “Don’t you need to look at your schedule first?”

“Oh, yes. Let me think.” He dragged his eyes away from the still fuming adult-but-tiny Dalys. “I have recruits till ten, but I can work with her after that. He turned to Dalys, “Unless you would rather work with someone closer to your size, that is.”

The eyes fired sparks again. She shoved her words past clenched teeth, “Ten. In the morning. I’ll be here,” whirled and stomped away, back stiff, head high, blond hair flying in the breeze that circled her head. 'Little' Air talent was a gross understatement.

“I think you better be ready for a real workout, Armsmaster.” Kendra mused. Then she looked at his face again and lost control of her twitching mouth. “By the Lady Adalta, Krager. You’re blushing. I didn't think that was possible.”