Karda: Adalta Vol. I

         Karda–– newly illustrated first book in the fantasy/sci-fi blend series, Adalta,with technophobic humans on a living planet, majestic hawk-headed flying horses,a power struggle between brothers, and a plucky female hero who must learn to tap into powers she never knew she had––powers that scare her––to save the place and the people she comes to love.

Marta,a sword-swinging girl who rides an incredible flying hawk-headed horse meets Altan,the arrogant young aristocrat in a high-tech-space-girl meets elemental-magic-wielder on a lost planet colonized centuries before by refugees from a devastated Earth.

Secretly sent to the planet Adaltato assess its resources and trade potential, Marta knows her job. And she knows she can’t get attached––she’s not staying.

Then she meets her Karda, the wondrous flying creature she grows to love. And Altan, the arrogant aristocrat with strange elemental powers. It can’t be magic, can it?

 When Altan rescues her from a blood magician’s murder attempt, suddenly Marta can speak telepathically with the Karda––and with Altan, and she definitely doesn’t want in her head. It can’t be magic, can it?

However hard she fights it, and however often she repeats her mantra, “Don’t get attached”––she does.

Forced to be together they face bandits, treachery, revolt, blood-sex-and-death magic––and their growing relationship.

Then Marta is captured by the blood magician. Will Altan rescue her? Or will she rescue herself?

Author Sherrill Nilson used to raise horses.Now she writes about flying horses.

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 Hunter: Adalta Vol. I


In the second book of the Adalta series, a young girl, angry at the loss of her healing magic, must unite with a scarred young man struggling to understand the elemental magic assaulting him. Together they have to fight an ancient alien evil and the rapacious interests of a trade ship secretly orbiting their planet.

Tessa’s dream to reclaim her trauma-blocked elemental talent and become a healer fractures when a powerful flying hawk-headed horse claims her as the Austringer, one who hunts with hawks. Instead of learning to heal, she must learn to kill the ancient evil arising on the planet. And she must learn to deal with unexpected new knowledge and unexplained new abilities. 

Galen has no dream, and the emotions he can no longer hide threaten to explode. Assaulted by overwhelming elemental forces from the planet, he becomes the legendary Kern––with power over plants and soil he doesn’t believe in and doesn’t want.

When a blood-and-death magician releases an ancient alien imprisoned for centuries, its horrific creatures rise to kill everyone who threatens to block its returning powers and its invasion of the planet. Together Tessa the Hunter and Galen the Kern must fight this alien evil that threatens to enslave their planet.

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Falling: Adalta, Vol. III

Coming in July 2018

This isn't the cover of Falling. Kurt is working on that. This is an urbat. I hope you never see one!

Krager isn't the male protagonist in Falling, Daryl Me'Vere is, but I really like this (possible) scene: 

Armsmaster Krager wiped his forehead with the back of his arm. “You’ll need to work on that, Waltr. Your right side is open half the time. I’d have had you dead half a dozen times. I want you sparring with someone every day for three hours.” He watched the young Waltr walked across the dusty practice arena toward the armory to shed his gear and shook his head.

“Hoy, Kendra,” Krager called to the woman who crossed toward him a tiny blond girl trailing behind her. “I was sorry to hear about your broken arm.”

Kendra laughed. “Unlucky falls can happen to the best of us. Especially when the best of us fall to an unfortunate clumsy moment. I’ve brought you a new student. This is Dalys. Dalys, meet Armsmaster Krager.”

The tall, muscular Armsmaster bent down to put the girl at ease. He knew he intimitated the children who first came to his Arms Salon.“Hello, little one. Merenya will be glad to have you in her beginners class. A pretty young girl like you will have the boys paying a lot more attention.”

A whirlwind of dust flew up around him, grit pelting him, stinging his face and bare arms, sand sliding under his collar. He coughed, slapping his hands over his eyes.

“Dalys!” shouted Kendra. “That’s enough!”

The wind subsided, and Krager, hands on his knees, still coughing, choked out, “What was that?” He looked up into a pair of fire-filled eyes surrounded by a nimbus of flying gold hair in the prettiest face he had ever seen.

“Dalys is our newest Mi’hiru,” said Kendra. “I thought I would introduce you. She’ll be working out up here with you and the other Mi'hiru while I’m out of commission.”

“Huh?” Krager couldn’t look away from the tiny figure who stood, hands on hips, glaring up at him.

“Obviously she isn’t a child.”

“Uh.” Krager straightened up and looked down at the figure that just topped the middle of his chest. “Uh, I guess not.”

“She has a little Air Talent. And a bit of a temper.” Kendra's mouth twitched and trembled, trying not to show how much she enjoyed Krager’s discomfort.

“I’m sorry, Mi’hiru Dalys.” His words stumbled out. “I am pleased to meet you. I’ll be happy to work with you whenever you wish.”

Kendra raised her eyebrows. “Don’t you need to look at your schedule first?”

“Oh, yes. Let me think.” He dragged his eyes away from the still fuming adult-but-tiny Dalys. “I have recruits till ten, but I can work with her after that. He turned to Dalys, “Unless you would rather work with someone closer to your size, that is.”

The eyes fired sparks again. She shoved her words past clenched teeth, “Ten. In the morning. I’ll be here,” whirled and stomped away, back stiff, head high, blond hair flying in the breeze that circled her head. 'Little' Air talent was a gross understatement.

“I think you better be ready for a real workout, Armsmaster.” Kendra mused. Then she looked at his face again and lost control of her twitching mouth. “By the Lady Adalta, Krager. You’re blushing. I didn't think that was possible.”