Karda Adalta Vol. I

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         Karda–– newly illustrated first book in the fantasy/sci-fi blend series, Adalta,with technophobic humans on a living planet, majestic hawk-headed flying horses,a power struggle between brothers, and a plucky female hero who must learn to tap into powers she never knew she had––powers that scare her––to save the place and the people she comes to love.

Marta,a sword-swinging girl who rides an incredible flying hawk-headed horse meets Altan,the arrogant young aristocrat in a high-tech-space-girl meets elemental-magic-wielder on a lost planet colonized centuries before by refugees from a devastated Earth.

Secretly sent to the planet Adaltato assess its resources and trade potential, Marta knows her job. And she knows she can’t get attached––she’s not staying.

Then she meets her Karda, the wondrous flying creature she grows to love. And Altan, the arrogant aristocrat with strange elemental powers. It can’t be magic, can it?

 When Altan rescues her from a blood magician’s murder attempt, suddenly Marta can speak telepathically with the Karda––and with Altan, and she definitely doesn’t want in her head. It can’t be magic, can it?

However hard she fights it, and however often she repeats her mantra, “Don’t get attached”––she does.

Forced to be together they face bandits, treachery, revolt, blood-sex-and-death magic––and their growing relationship.

Then Marta is captured by the blood magician. Will Altan rescue her? Or will she rescue herself?

Author Sherrill Nilson used to raise horses.Now she writes about flying horses.

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 Hunter Adalta Vol. I


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In the second book of the Adalta series, a young girl, angry at the loss of her healing magic, must unite with a scarred young man struggling to understand the elemental magic assaulting him. Together they fight an ancient alien evil and the rapacious interests of a trade ship secretly orbiting their planet.

Tessa’s dream to reclaim her trauma-blocked elemental talent and become a healer fractures when a powerful flying hawk-headed horse claims her as the Austringer, one who hunts with hawks. Instead of learning to heal, she must learn to kill the ancient evil arising on the planet. And she must learn to deal with unexpected new knowledge and unexplained new abilities. 

Galen has no dream, and the emotions he can no longer hide threaten to explode. Assaulted by overwhelming elemental forces from the planet, he becomes the legendary Kern––with power over plants and soil he doesn’t believe in and doesn’t want.

When a blood-and-death magician releases an ancient alien imprisoned for centuries, its horrific creatures rise to kill everyone who threatens to block its returning powers and its invasion of the planet. Together Tessa the Hunter and Galen the Kern must fight this alien evil that threatens to enslave their planet.

Falling Adalta Vol. III

Coming in July 2019

Falling 6x9.jpg

Daryl Me’Vere faces battle on two fronts. He must face the facts of his brother Readen’s evil and treacherous attempts to rip Restal Quadrant from Daryl’s control. And he fights to rid Adalta of the alien Itza Larrak and its threat to call others of its kind to strip the planet of all life and energy.

The spaceship hovering above is failing, because Adalta is destroying it, and Cedar Evans, the ship’s Director of BioSystems, is sent to the surface to negotiate terms and ways to settle the refugees, some of whom refuse to leave the dying ship which has been home to their families for hundreds of years. She’s forced to acknowledge the fact that the bionic foot she’s had since she was a child will not work on the planet. The perky, always busy Cedar refuses to let it hold her back.

Readen Me’Vere, who released the Itza Larrak from five hundred years of magical imprisonment in the caverns under Restal Hall, realizes the alien is trying to take over his body as its own alien body fails. Readen struggles to keep his identity and his humanity yet still work with the Itza Larrak and its minions, the vicious urbat, to destroy Daryl and take over the guardianship of Restal Quadrant on his way to force his control over all Adalta.