Scene One

It seems appropriate for my first blog on writing that I use the opening paragraphs of Austringer, the book I am currently writing. I’d actually like your input. Some like it, some think I should start with the actual fight scene. I did write one, actually two. But after getting input from my sister, the best writing partner ever, I think I like this best. (They are good fight scenes. I may use them later. I really like writing fight scenes. Latent aggression, I guess.)


Tessa stood, shaking. The sounds of the battle outside her door receded. Her vision darkened around the edges. She stumbled to the spindly chair beside the table littered with the remains of her breakfast and sat, resting her head on her knees. Her hand gripped the sword like it was glued. Gradually her breathing slowed and her head cleared. She forced her fingers away from the sword and laid it on the table. The blood stained the white cloth blending into the red juice from the spilled cherry apple preserves. Horrified she stared at it for a moment and then, refusing to look toward the man sprawled by the small fireplace, she stumbled toward the bath and splashed cold water on her face. She leaned over the water bowl for a long time, trying to control her shaking.

She’d watched people die. Her mother…

Her mind veered away from that. Urgent need sent her whirling to the commode and she retched until her stomach muscles could force nothing more out and she sank to the floor. The cold stone soothed her face. She wanted to lie there forever, not thinking.