February 27, 2018 Update

Sometimes life interferes, so I’m late with this chapter, but I’ll post Chapters Nine and Ten to make up for it. Karda is now at the proof reader’s, and Hunter: Adalta Vol. II (draft # umpteen) is finished!!!!! (I know I’ve said that before, but this time it really is.) Now comes the final run through before it’s ready to proof. 

Falling, the third and final book in the Adalta series has begun, and I’m excited about it.

I actually did some plotting—at my sister Alice’s insistence and with her help, so maybe this one will be smoother sailing. Plotting is not my strong suit. I have some great ideas about the female protagonist, with the help of my long-suffering personal trainer/patient listener, whose questions opened up a whole new aspect of her character. Her name is Cedar, and she has a bionic foot.

How is that going to work on a tech-resistant planet? It won’t, so I’m looking for someone who has a boot that will hold my foot immobile. I need to know how it feels to have a virtual block for a foot. Have I given too much away? She’s obviously not going to be a sword-wielding badass female. Well, badass, but a different kind of badassery.

So here are the next two chapters of Karda. Enjoy, and comment if you will. Feedback helps and makes the next book better.